Requirements to place license numbers on emails

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Marvin is on the board of directors for San Diego Insurance Adjusters Association

As of January 1, 2023, amendments to Cal. Ins Code § 1725.5(c) will go into effect. Specifically, those licensed to operate as insurance producers, independent insurance adjusters or public insurance adjusters “shall include the person’s license number in the emails the person sends that involve an activity for which a license is required.” The code also sets out how and where the number is to be displayed on emails. For instance, the license number “shall be in a type size that is no smaller than the largest of any telephone number, street address, or email address of the person included in the email.” The code also requires both individual licensees and organizational licensees to place their license numbers in specific places in the email. Accordingly, the number of an induvial must appear adjacent to or directly below the individuals name or title. While an organizational licensee must place the license number adjacent to or on the line below the organizations name. It is important to note that the email contain license numbers for both the organization and the individual.

The application of 1725.5(c) is particularly broad. The law’s provisions would apply to nearly all emails, regardless of where the emails are sent. In addition, the section applies to all emails that “involve an activity for which a license is required.” Moreover, any person licensed under sections: 1625, 1625.5, 1625.55, 1626, 1781.1, 1765, 14020 and 15006 would be bound by §1725.5.

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